dcs DC Star security is a veteran owned private security agency with 10 plus years in providing Armed and Unarmed physical security protection. Our team of skilled protection officers hold solid credentials with backgrounds in areas of law enforcement and emergency response services. DCS lead Supervisor has held respected positions with the United States Federal Government through the Department of the Interior and U.S. Army Special Operations while enlisted in the military.

Our Protection Officers are unlike others in the security industry. We strongly believe the structure and organization of supplying quality physical security personnel is gravely important. Our officers operate through national security services standards that is incorporated with an advanced training curriculum beyond the basic corporate security agency requirements.
Our Off-Duty-Officers mitigate to Keep the Peace for various civil assignments, such as Landlord and tenant disagreement or to show presence for court ordered civil separations. Our Off-Duty-Officers stand in to . . .
odo Calm Disagreements,
Suspend Altercations,
and Ensure Safety.
We offer Security Officer training Courses for those interested in becoming a Security Officer. The course instructs the basic requirements to become certified as well as the very beneficial national security services standards, which is essential for aquiring the 'know how' to properly handle the threats associated in the line of work.
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